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I bought these items for my kid Online, & don’t regret now

As a parent we all feel happy in fulfilling our kid’s demands. Although I always take care to not complete all his requirements first over his demands. Sometimes giving everything your child asked for, could spoil them. So prefer to analyze their needs first.
Yes! Today I am not here in parenting session so will talk about the topic only. 
With the growing kids their toys need to be changed that I have learned after having a baby. Despite kids always prefer to play with household things.
Still, I have discovered a few things which could keep them busy. Maybe  it will work for your kids also.
Here we go..

  1. White board

    The day my baby start holding a pencil in his hand, he started wring on walls. After one month most of the walls were scribbled approx 1 meter from the ground. It’s gone a bit awkward when he started writing on refrigerator, doors etc. It forced me to buy this white board from amazon. I really appreciate to the makers for the quality and durability. This board keeps him busy for little longer duration. I need to instruct him to draw something.

  2. Hoola Hoops

    It is helpful for me and my kid both. It is available in different sizes, so select your size and buy it. One of the best indoor exercise and game for kids.

  3. Potty Training

    As a human being we need to learn many things while we grow up. For reducing your stress as a mother, you need to train your kids at the right time. So, I did, I bought this and started to make him sit on this when he was 5-6 months old. He took only a few days to get used to of it.

  4. Cycle

    Although this was gifted by my brother, but it is really helpful for physical activities.

  5. Bottle

    I prefer stainless steel bottle to drink water always. These colorful bottles are really attractive and useful for kids while travelling or at home.

  6. Portable art kit

    As a parent we all know an art kit is a very essential thing for kids. It not only keeps them busy, but also enhance their skills.

  7. Study Table

    Sometimes it became tough to make him sit for studies or writing something for a longer duration. In that case this table helped me a lot. I can put this on the bed and make him comfortable for a long time.

These were few things you can also buy from my affiliate links if you find it useful.
Share this post with every parent, you know, for their help.


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