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Want to stop being added to a WhatsApp group? KNOW HOW

Step by Step guide to install this new feature which will stop everyone from adding you to annoying WhatsApp groups.
This amazing feature has been added in the new version of WhatsApp.
I am sure not all of you are much aware of this feature. If you are then good, but if not, then we are here with a step by step guide.
Here we go…
Step 1-
Open WhatsApp -> Settings -> Account -> Privacy

Screenshot_20191116-183642.pngIn privacy, you can easily locate “Groups“.

Step 2-
In groups you will find three options-
Let’s have a look how these three options are different-
If you select “everyone”, anyone can add you in a WhatsApp group by just knowing your  contact number.

“My contacts”- If you select this option only your contacts, means the numbers saved in your contact list can add you in any WhatsApp group.

“My contacts except”- By selecting this you can prohibit all those people who are in your contact list and can add you in annoying WhatsApp group.

Select any one option from above three.

MOST IMPORTANT- If any admin want you to add in a WhatsApp group, they can send you an invitation link separately and you easily join by clicking that link.

Hope this post will help you to understand this new feature.
Do not forget to share this post with your family and friends because everyone is using WhatsApp nowadays.

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