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Take these 9 wise steps & make a strong bond with your kid

Our relationship with our kids is very essential part of our life. Being a responsible parent, we all should realize that our kids need a huge support from us. In our old age, we need an emotional support and care, from our kids. It takes time for creating a strong bond in any relationship. I feel a very strong bond with my parents, I have learned parenting from them.

  1. Talk
    Tell your kids how much you love them irrespective of their age. Talking with someone plays a very important role in any relationship. Whenever my kid returns from school, I ask him about his day.
  2. Give some time
    Spend some quality time with your kids and make them feel important. There are plenty of tasks you can do together. They must feel that you are giving some quality time to them.
  3. Do some activities together
    Plan your day in such a way that you spent some time together doing the same activities. Whatever you love to do art & craft, paint, dance, music or exercise do it with your kid.  This way they learn new things and create a strong bond between both of you.
  4. Keep your laptop and phone behind when they talk
    Everyone always loves the importance we give to them, same with the kids. Most of the time we get indulged in our daily activities that we forget to listen to our kids. Whenever your kid starts saying something, stop doing everything else and just listen to them first.
  5. Play with them
    I remember my dad used to play with me every evening. After a few years I was so habitual of his company that I opt picnic with my dad despite of my friends. Even after these much of  years my mom and dad are my best friend till now.
  6. Make them understand what you do
    Kids love when you hug them and talk to them. I have tried it and noticed that whenever I tell my kid something about my work and job he gives so much attention.
  7. Plan a story telling time for them
    My grandfather used to tell us so many stories with different facial expressions every day. Different stories with different characters, he told us many things and explained right and wrong very easily.
  8. Physical attachment
    My personal experience says, like elder peoples kids also need a warm hug. Till now whenever I feel bad for something I only need a hug from my mother to boost my mood.
  9. Plan your meals together
    Meal time is the best time to know each other in a better way. Talk to each other and discuss about your day.

Take a step closer, try these awesome hacks and make a strong bond with your kid. It’s good to be friend with your kids.
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