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11 Practical & Tried tips for work from home parents for better productivity

Due to Coronavirus outbreak, many companies like Google, Amazon asked their employees to work from remote locations and avoid long travels as well. Work from home sounds really easy, but I am a work from home mom from last four years and I know It’s a bit difficult to manage. If you want to know more about difficulties read here.
Anyways In case you are used to of working from home, you must have some wonderful hacks which you can share here. 16 Fun activities you can do with kids at home, without INTERNET
In case you are not, then we are here with some wonderful hacks you can try and let us know do they work well for you or not.

  1. Make a priority listphon6
    I always follow this and believe me this idea never fails. Always make a to do list according to urgency.
  2. Make A schedule for your kidsedu4
    When kids go to school they follow different routine, but what if schools are closed? A single day holiday can sometimes seem long vacations if kids are not involved in activities. After a while you will think of getting out of your own house. So make a schedule for your kids on vacations.
  3. Take help from your partner
    If you both are working, then you both can do it in different shifts. For example, if kid are sleeping you both can complete your tasks in full swing if they are awake, do it one by one.
  4. Snacks Always readywfh8
    I have noticed that kids are more irritating when they are hungry. So always prepare their meal before eating time and feed them on time so that they don’t test your patience.
  5. Select a cozy corner in your room for your workwfh1
    Turn any corner in your room for your office work. I suggest it should not be your bed. Ask every family stay away from that corner so that you did not get embarrassed with a rhyme in your mail.
  6. Make them understand the situationmotheronline
    Make your kids aware about what it means working for office from home. Why it is important and why you are doing this. I am sure they will understand a bit.
  7. Separate time for work and social life
    As my friends and family all knows that I work from home they plan random visits and afternoon shopping plans. So make everyone aware that you are working from home, not on vacations.
  8. Try to take help from your kidswfh4
    Sometimes the elder one takes care of their younger sibling too well. Elders don’t try, but kid really loves to do tasks which we don’t allow them. For example, I don’t allow my son to touch the bookshelf as I thought he will create a mess, but one day when I asked him to arrange the books he nailed it like an elder.
  9. Set your logout and login time
    Working from home does not mean working all the time.So make sure that you are working till your working hours so that your family time don’t get affected by this change.
  10. Snooze notificationswfh2
    Checking notifications always end up with a stretched working duration. It’s better to complete your office task first rather than stay awake in late night. So snooze your social network notifications in your working hours.
  11. Don’t compromise with your sleep timewfh3
    As I always say, take a sound sleep for better productivity. In fact, if you need, take a power nap in between work.

These were few hacks you can try. Also, if you are working parent from a long ago and want to share your though feel free to comment here.
Don’t hesitate in sharing this post with your friends and family.

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