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16 Fun activities you can do with kids at home, without INTERNET

As I have mentioned in my earlier posts, that I am a work from home mom from last few years. Most of the time I hear from my son “Mamma I am bored what to do now”.
It is really one of the toughest question I have ever faced. It’s just a hit and trial process. Sometimes kid gets happy with the same activity and sometimes they get bored of it. Like a new toy always attract them for some duration and they get bored of it after some time.

Here is my list, which I try with my kid. Just scroll down and I am sure you will get some wonderful ideas for your kids.

  1. Dictation
    This is effective for kids who can write. Just take a pen and paper and say some random words kids will love to write them. For making it more interesting set a time limit or a prize for the winner.
  2. Dumb Charades
    Select any topic songs, movie name, country names or anything and start the game.
  3. Solve puzzles with them
    Sit on a puzzle mat and try to solve the with your kids. They will love doing it with you.
  4. Best out of waste crafts
    You can start with any old plastic water bottle or any cardboard. If you don’t have any idea search for craft activities online and try them at home.
  5. Help them in writing a letter to any dear ones.
    They always see typing mails on your electronic devices, but this is the time when you can teach them how to write your emotions with a pen on a paper. If they can’t write, ask them to speak few lines what they think of their parents, grandparents, uncle etc.
  6. Draw and color
    Kids do it in their school so sometimes they don’t like it to do it at home. 
  7. Teach them some fire less cooking
    You can search for many more recipes available in the market, you can teach your kids, they will love to eat and cook both.
  8. Make them identify different grocery items
    Allow them to take a tour of your kitchen with you and tell them the names of different items.
  9. Teach them first aid
    It is a very essential skill which will always help them in life.
  10. Antakshari (Start singing with the last letter of any word) is not a bad idea
    Sing a song and the other person will start with the last letter of  your song. It is a popular game from India.
  11. Make a movie
    Yes, you can ask them to write a few lines of script or get it from any movie. Make them learn their dialogues and make a small movie at home. This is a good idea for all kids who watch too much TV.
  12. Play hide and seek

    This is an old one, but, works well when they want you to move with them.

  13. Act your kid’s favorite story
    Make some masks or headgear at home and play your kid’s favorite story at home.
  14. Phone a relative or friend and let your child to talk to them



    Kids who live in a nuclear family or with a single parent often don’t want to interact with others. In a time when you are at home with your kid and can’t go outside this is the best idea to make them more interactive. Call any of your family members and ask your kid to tell them your situation.

  15. Movie night
    In the era of Netflix and Amazon prime we don’t watch 2 hour movie on TV with family. Try this on any day/night with a popcorn basket at home, I am sure you all will have fun.
  16. Do a crazy photo shoot
    My Kidoo love this and I have many kids who love doing the same.

Every kid and family are different. I am not expecting that this post will suit you completely. But, if you find anything suitable from this list, let us know by commenting here. Also, if you have any better idea help others by writing that in our comment box.

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