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10 Most used Items which need to be sanitized every day, but we do not

This post is NOT about exercise, weight loss, healthy eating, blah blah… This is all about our cleaning habits.
Do this and that to stop Coronavirus from spreading. But I believe changing your habit is not a sudden thing it takes some time. So why don’t we adopt some healthy cleaning habits which will save us from almost every virus or flu. 
These are really very small details we often miss in our daily life, but we should not.
With increase of infections it is very essential for all of us to make some changes in  our lifestyle and daily cleaning habits to stay safe. 

  1. Phone

    This electronic device host most of the germs at a single time. Most of us carry our phones everywhere we go. The phone is always with us in our hands so it is in contact of everything we touch. We wash our hands, but we can’t do the same with our phone so it’s better to wipe it once in a day if possible.
  2. Laptop

    This device is not only touched by you, but sometimes also by your colleagues. So don’t forget to sanitize it every day.
  3. Wallet

    We pick out our wallet from our pocket to give money and put it back in our pocket after every transaction. It also carry so many germs. 
  4. Overcoats
    This attire stops most of the cold waves, we deal daily. The quantity of air is directly proportional to germs. So for a safer side always wipe your overcoat whenever you reach home.
  5. Water bottles

    How many of us wash their hands before holding water bottle? Most of the answers are in “NO”. If it is not possible to wash your water bottle every day, then at least clean it properly before filling it every time. 
  6. Pens/Stationary items

    Most shared items in our office desk. To stop spreading the virus through your pen best way is to stop sharing your pen.
  7. TV/AC Remote
    Whenever we feel hot or cold, we press buttons on the remote. Similarly, if we want some entertainment we take the TV remote and switch on the device. Do we wash hands before or after remote? 
  8. Door Handles
    We open the door to enter inside the room/house with all those germs in our hands. Sometimes outside people also try to open the same door with dirty hands and leave all germs on the handle. So it’s your choice either clean door handles after regular intervals or clean your hands every time you touch that.
  9. Spectacles/Goggles

    We touch them countless time during the day, in fact, we put them anywhere on our desk or cupboards or inside the dashboard of our vehicle. But don’t wash hands, I have seen many people touching their spectacles while eating food with the same hands.
  10. Keys/Cards
    You know we put them every here and there, so cleaning it is really necessary.

These were few things which I think should be sanitized for more protection from virus and germs.
I request lovely readers of this post, if you find anything which should be added to this list. You can comment here and I assure they will be added to this post.
Share this post with all your near and dear ones for a safe future.

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