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40 Best Productive things people are doing around the world, even being quarantined

Everything has two sides, it depends on us how we see things. Living life with a positive attitude is very essential not for our mental health, but for our physical health also. It’s human nature, If we get all that we wanted without asking for it, we do not appreciate it.
Think for a while we always complain about-
> Same routine daily
->Lack of sleeping time
->Can’t give time for a hobby
->Don’t get time to clean house
->Too much pollution in the city
Blah Blah all in one we always complain our life for not getting enough time to relax.

Now the situation arises where everyone is requesting us to stay inside out home and we don’t appreciate it. Think WHY? Because we have not planned it in our own way. But we can plan it, think positively staying safe is more important than enjoying life outside. You are not alone on the earth who is facing this situation. People around the world living life inside the house and doing some productive things. You can also adopt any one from the list and stay happy and safe.

  1. Meditate and remove all negativity.
  2. Read Books which were waiting in your office bags to be read.
  3. Sit in the sun.
  4. Sing a song.
  5. Play with your kids and partner
  6. Deep cleans your house
  7. Discover your childhood, indoor games
  8. Exercise online, there are lots of apps and YouTube channels where you can subscribe and exercise with them with your own comfort.
  9. Learn a new language like I am in France now and learning French.
  10. Organize your wardrobe winters are ending so keep all those woolen in the backside of your wardrobe.
  11. Listen your favorite music and relax.
  12. Write down your thoughts and feelings. After a few years you will love reading all these experiences.
  13. Try some DIY ideas to decorate your home.
  14. Nourish your hairs with all those natural oils you avoid due to their strong smell.
  15. Sleep like never before.
  16. Give some time to your hobby.
  17. Follow any skin care routine.
  18. Watch your favorite series on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar or anywhere you want.
  19. Draw and paint and upload pics on Instagram.
  20. Improve your grammar and vocabulary.
  21. Mute sound and watch any movie with your own dialogues. It’s my favorite past time when I was in college with my lovely friends. 
  22. Donate what you don’t need in your house.
  23. Improve your cooking skills or help your partner to enhance their cooking skills.
  24. Knit a cover or do some embroidery on the old table cover.
  25. Try Video callings to an old friend or relative.
  26. Improve your general knowledge.
  27. Write down your aim and goals for coming years.
  28. Try healthy eating.
  29. Thank God for what you have.
  30. Try baking at home.
  31. Make videos and upload on social media.
  32. Change your furniture alignment and try some new home decor.
  33. Increase your typing speed.
  34. Plan a singing competition online with friends and family.
  35. Try learning wonderful makeup skills.
  36. Improve your dancing skills.
  37. Try some grand mother’s cooking recipes.
  38. Share your life experiences with your kids and partner.
  39. Plan a coffee date with your partner in a cozy corner of your home.
  40. Go through your old photo album and arrange it in your own way.

I hope this post will help you to create your to do list while living inside the home.
Also, if you have any new idea do not forget to comment here.

Share this list with all your friends who are getting bored in quarantine period.

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