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Are you annoyed by WhatsApp group chat notifications?

College friends group, School friends group, Office group, family, Exercise friends group, Yoga group,kids group and many more.
Sometime I really feel annoyed from these WhatsApp group notifications. I can’t leave these groups as I am somehow emotionally attached to these people. But early morning good morning messages in each group and late night wishes are really something tough to deal with.

I am most annoyed when any two of old friends start chatting in the group and when I see my phone after 20 minutes I got 150 unread messages. 

A few things you can do, to save your time due to these long reading chats.

  1. Mute notifications
    Most common and safe way to escape these group chats. But sometimes some urgent information are shared which require quick response. In that case you miss those messages. 
  2. Change notification tone
    Yes! You can do this, just change notification alert tone for your group chats. Go to notifications ->

    You can select any tone from the list.

  3. Limit your screen time
    You can do it by yourself, just stay away from your phone for some time.

These were a few things which I have discovered, to help myself in saving from annoyed chat notifications. 

Share if you have any better options available.

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