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More about widevisions

You Wanna know more about widevisions…
We are a team of skilled people with positive vision towards life. Have a look at people behind widevisions..

Nisha- A software engineer by profession and a blogger by heart. She loves to write about relationships, health and fitness, career, technology etc.
Shiva- A java developer, a technical trainer and a good soul with positive vision. He writes blogs related to java technology and technical developments. He loves to pen down his words rather than speaking them. Visit here to know more about him.
Deepak- A lawyer, a social worker, a nature lover and a good heart who thinks more about the mother earth. He contribute widevisions with social issues which everyone should aware of for a better world.
Nitin- A master in finance, a photographer and a good soul with positive views. He loves to travel a lot and capture the moments we miss in our busy life.

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