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7 Improved and proven ways of decision making

Aman was in class 10th when a small decision changed his life forever. He was dearest son of his parents. His dad scolded him for not taking his studies seriously during exam time. Here I would like to mention that Indian parents ....More

11 hilarious advice from granny to try right now

I am fortunate enough that I am the eldest daughter in the family, So I have spent valuable time with my grandparents. I can easily recall a few of their suggestions word by word. I asked a few of my friends to share few advises ....More

8 Most Annoying things only Indians Do

We are 1.324 billion in population, which is 17.86% of the world’s population. Despite of different languages and 9 recognized religions, we live together and make a nation called India. We all speak different languages, ....More