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5 Habits that secretly kill your belly fat reduction plan


I know it’s a pain of many people. You here mean you tried many things but unable to lose that stubborn fat. Sometimes we eat proper diets, never miss daily exercises, but still don’t find satisfying results. So we will discuss few points which could be a reason for not reducing your belly fat.

  1. Too many processed food
    Belly fat is associated with inflammation. All kinds of processed foods like chips, white bread, even refined sugar increase inflammation in our body. If you really want to lose the belly fat decrease amount of such food in your diet. Add more and more vegetables, fruits which have anti inflammatory properties and will help you to reduce belly fat.
  2. Sleeping
    Avoid sleeping more than 9 hours a day . If you sleep more than this it will increase following problems in your body –
    Increase appetite
    We all know the side effects of these problems if we are on a fat reduction diet plan.
  3. Avoiding measuring yourself
    Best time to weigh yourself is in the morning on an empty stomach. How often do you weigh yourself. Dieticians say that measuring your weight daily encourage you to be rigid on your weight loss plan. Similar measure your belly too.
  4. Missing breakfast
    Not eating anything at breakfast It is the main reason which actually spoils all your activities towards a weight loss plan. Eating too little or fried foods in the morning make you less active whole day. Try to eat balanced and full stomach breakfast in the morning. It must contain the proper amount of protein and carbs.
  5. Love with bed
    It’s a bad habit everyone knows, but can’t get rid of it. Try to leave your bed immediately after waking up in the morning. Take a few steps in the morning sunlight. In fact, don’t lean on the bed every now and then whole day. Even if you need a power nap, sit on a chair and put your legs on tables or bed and relax. Laying on the bed makes you lazy.

Friends hope you will get benefits from these points. Let us know if you have any other better suggestion. For more such content follow us by entering your email id.



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