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Tremendously wrong things we do on WhatsApp daily

We have plenty of relationships and the great thing is we all know how to stay connected to all of them.  Social networking has made our task very easy.  But after spending these many years using social networking sites I have noticed few things which I want to share.
Have a look at the below image and read text carefully. You will notice that we all do the same thing every day.

  • Read – Forward – Read – Forward
    In this cycle we forget few things. We never cross check about the authenticity of the message. Due to this Most of the time hoax created and it results in something horrible. For example a man was beaten by a mob , because someone claimed that he has received his image on WhatsApp saying he is a rapist . Really sorry for the beaten guy. Stop forwarding such messages.
  • Last seen is now a very good way to ending up relationships.
    wp-1500569356222. You were online still you didn’t reply my messages. You were online still you didn’t talk me. Blah blah. blah…. Stop this.
  • Use of emoji
     We always misunderstood emoji. Like this is hi five 🙏 we use it for prayer or namaste.
    List is long you can check Google or Emojipedia for a more comprehensive list of emoji meanings.
  • Checking unknown numbers
    Now a missed call from unknown number is first checked on WhatsApp. Save the number and see the profile picture ,yes I Know the person or I don’t know who is he . What is the status? Last seen time and much more.
  • Same picture circulated every year for NASA DIWALI picture.
  • We all get messages with pictures of  babies or animals with extra body parts saying your ​wish will come true, forward the same. Credit for all such pictures goes to photoshop experts.
  • Celebrating something week or blah blah week 🤔I get such messages more than 7 times a year. Do we really so much care about daughter’s that we celebrate a week for them 7 times every year.
  • This is biggest from all of the above. Forward blah blah blah message and your battery will be charged. I have seen this in my inbox few months back and asked the person to tell the logic behind it. He said I checked by forwarding you, is it really working or not. Most of us check such shitty ideas which are not required.
  • Last one baby has swallowed pin and now doctors demanding huge money. WhatsApp will give money for each forward. This is really annoying. Why they will do charity in this way. I have not met any person or news which confirms that they will pay in this way.
    Hope this will help all of us to use technology in a better way.
    pexels-photo-207569Stop forwarding shit from one phone to another. Spread happiness and increase positivity in everyone’s life.
    Share your experiences with all such annoying things.


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