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5 Clever hacks for booking a confirmed Tatkal ticket in few seconds

If you are an Indian you are very much familiar with the problem we face for confirming seats in Indian railways. It’s like a race and you need to win it if you want a hassle free journey. So for a solution we seek some agent for bookings, but sometimes they charge too high for their services, especially in vacations and  festive seasons. So we end up with the solution of booking tickets using our own skills. You are reading this means you are willing to add some more hacks for booking confirmed seats. 10 Most popular ways to serve your nation if not in army
Booking of a confirmed seat depends on below few factors-
*Internet speed
    *Payment method
    *Number of passengers
    *Your typing speed 
    *Available seats
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Next time, try below few points if you are willing for a confirmed seat

  1. IRCTC Magic Autofill
    It’s not an app, it is just a browser extension for chrome. It helps you to auto fill all form data like passenger details like name, age etc. 8 Excellent travel hacks to save money on food items lifetime
    autofillJust enter form details prior to booking tickets and create a bookmark. While booking tickets just click on the bookmark and voila! all data will be filled in less than a second. Now follow the next step.
  2. Quick Book
    This app is available in google play. Some features of this app are as below-
    ☆ PNR Status,Live Train Tracking Status,Train Timetable, Live status of seats available Top 6 secrets to increase your salary this year
    ☆ Ad Blocking – Blocks Ads/Unwanted Images on IRCTC Webpage for Faster Loading
    ☆ Search & Book – Train Between Stations
    ☆ My Tickets – View all your ticket details without going through SMSes.
    ☆ Easy to Manage Passenger List
    ☆ Local Storage of payment method,login credentials
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    Use these features and increase chances of booking your confirmed seats
  3. Select from Your List
    If you don’t want to add any chrome extension IRCTC also provides a feature for this. Society needs gentleman: 15 Strongly recommended things to be a gentleman
    passengerList.pngYou can add details of your passengers and add this just by clicking above link at the time of booking.
  4. Preferred bank
    Just add your bank in the preferred list before bookings. At the time of booking it will minimize time to select a bank from the list of multiple banks.
  5. Use Quota where applicable
    Women traveling alone above the age of 45 have a separate Ladies quota. So if your parents are traveling and the tickets are on the wait list, check if tickets are available in Ladies quota – you can book for your female passengers separately, chances are more likely that you will get a confirmed ticket for them at least and a lower berth. Not many are aware of this.
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Hope all these points will help you to get a confirmed seat this festive season.


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