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12 Unspoken Rules of every Family nobody will tell you

inlawsSome rules and regulations are imposed by government in our society and police is there to make us follow them. Some rules are unspoken, you just need to know them and follow them if you are living in a society. I am born and brought up in India, so I am experienced enough to write a few lines about this topic.

Go through below few lines and know more about Indian families.

  1. Schooling
    Schooling of kids has been always a priority in Indian families, especially in middle and upper class. Kids are taken to the best schools and every parent start monitoring their marks like their mark sheets are Indo Pak border.kidsSafetyParents are more concerned about developing a kid with multiple skills like our computers. They should know swimming, dancing, acting etc. I come to know few days back, it’s because there are DID, Lil Champs and many more acting and singing reality TV shows are there and kids need to participate in them. I don’t know why people think only visibility on any TV show can give them publicity. You can be famous like Kalpana Chawla, Abdul Qalam, Kapil Dev, PT Usha and many more.
  2. Grand celebrationsgrandmarriage.jpegStarting from birth to death. We know sometimes it will lead us to negative balance in our account. Still, we do this and spent lots of money because others are doing this. We think more about our society (What society is talking about me?) than our own blood pressure medication.
  3. Loan
    Most of the middle class families need to pay a loan. Even some kids are growing with the aim to pay that loan completely. Middle class Indians enjoy the life most but always pay for it.
  4. Moral Values
    Indian mothers are very much responsible for this. They think about different ways of developing moral values in their kids. We Indians judge people by their behavior in public. My mom used to teach me different do’s and Don’ts from my childhood.
  5. Food
    dinnerWe don’t waste food either at home or outside the home. One of the unspoken rules about food is whatever left in dinner will be eaten by all of them who cooked it. Strange no but most of the time ladies eat leftover food.
  6. Garbage management
    We Indians know garbage management very well and it starts with him. Every Indian family has a big poly bag which contains lots of small Polly or paper bags. We use all those bags for dumping garbage of the house.
  7. Competition
    complementCompetition is always with nearest neighbors. Everyone needs to monitor how much Sharma ji’s son is doing engineering everyone else should think about studying the same.
  8. Washroom time
    washroom.jpegOne person is always there in the family who occupies washroom for a longer time than everyone else in the family. Everyone tries to visit washrooms, if required, before they go inside.
  9. Warm Welcome
    Offer water to every person who comes to your house even he is a mail boy. We know the value of good welcome, so we always manage a warm welcome for our guests.
  10. Respect and consideration
    light colors
    If there is an erotic or romantic scene is there in a movie and you are watching with the family, the channel will change automatically or you will get thirsty suddenly or somebody will move to washroom very quickly.
  11. Wake Up Time
    TimeIf you don’t wake up early in the morning, then it is reason behind every wrong thing happen to you in life, according to our parents.
  12. Lovely Moms
    momcooking.jpegOur moms Don’t believe in packs foods they always cook at home for their kids and families. Love you Mom for giving me such tasty and home cooked food all time.

I think this was a sharp and short introduction of different rules imposed on our society by our society ,Yes! There are many more. It would be appreciable if you share your rules too. Thanks!!



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