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5 Common things you should never adopt from Bollywood movies

If you are living in India it’s very tough to stay away from the influence of Bollywood. In fact, our grandfather, father and mother all having favorite actor and actresses. We all use different movie dialogues in our day to day communication. We follow dressing styles of actors and actresses.
No doubt every movie has some message for the society. Sometimes they are based on true stories too, like Neerja, Two States etc.
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Few things are spoiling our youngsters, who follow Bollywood blindly. It is okay to understand the message from the movie, but you must learn what not to adapt from the movie. After all, that is reel life not real life.
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  1. Drinking/Smoking habits
    bolly2Nowadays every movie is showing college students drinking alcohol in groups of boys and girls. Believe me guys, it’s not necessary to drink alcohol to get any degree from college. You can show positive side of your personality and look cool without smoking and drinking alcohol.
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  2. Stalking
    It is not required to follow any person till their house to express your love. Most of the movies show that girl or boy accepts proposal when someone follows and stalk them. It is not true actually. It shows your lack of confidence, if you don’t believe me, ask your mother, sister or friends what type of partner they want in their life. A person who follows them everywhere or the one who protects and actually respects them.
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  3. College lifestyle
    College is something more than a cafeteria, singing songs in groups, farewell or welcome parties. A complete semester includes completion of syllabus, lectures, projects, examination, and passing marks.
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  4. Short cut for success
    There is no substitute for hard work, everyone needs a planned and smart work for sure success. No hard work and more money in few days is just hypothetical thing. Read the stories of real heroes like A. P. J. Abdul Kalam or search “real heroes in India” on google.
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  5. Stunts
    Yes, all those jumps and kicks are not always real. Even they are done with safety belts and by professionals. So never try to do it on your own.
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Most of the time movies are made for entertainment purposes only. You need to interpret the message of the movie correctly. It depends on you how you use that message in your life.
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