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11 hilarious advice from granny to try right now

I am fortunate enough that I am the eldest daughter in the family, So I have spent valuable time with my grandparents. I can easily recall a few of their suggestions word by word. I asked a few of my friends to share few advises from their grandparents and below is the list I finally did.

  1. It’s good to watch Bollywood/Hollywood movies for entertainment, but don’t ruin your life behind them.
    y5They are doing their job you should also think about yours.5 Common things you should never adopt from Bollywood movies
  2. Celebration/Partying does not mean drinking alcohol and misbehaving.jealousYou can enjoy music and dance without alcohol and drugs in a group. 9 Proven ways to boost your mood instantly
  3. Boys/girls Reading books, attending all lectures and getting maximum marks in class could be cool and fun-loving. bolly1
    Having fun doesn’t mean Missing lectures and riding bikes only.
  4. Don’t treat your parents like a burden. Treat everyone at least like human beings and show yourself a responsible member of the family.
  5. For girls only– Pregnancy and periods don’t means illness so don’t expect a lot of sympathy from people around you. Be active, eat healthy and stay positive.
  6. All boys in public places are not going to rape you. It could be a real push happened due to rush in a metro or sudden breaks. Be confident and behave properly and if you can’t then be careful.5 morning habits to help you become Rich
  7. Earning doesn’t mean arrogance.
    expec3Everyone is doing something to earn money. Respect everyone’s job.
  8. It’s OK if your looks are not good like Miss or Mr. world. Not every job in this universe requires good looks.
    expec6Be yourself and honest for your job.
  9. Money is not everything in this world. You can give respect and love to your dear ones and it costs nothing.7 smart ways to judge who is your best friend among all your friends
  10. Never marry a person who can give you everything except respect.
  11. Education always helps in life to grow up.
    expec4Never miss a chance to learn something at any age.

Never ever misbehave with your grand parents. They are legends who will always help you with their experiences. 15 Proven ways to make your loved ones feel more cared

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