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8 Necessary and effective life hack for parents of a boy child

study9It’s true that there are lots of differences between boys and girls. But, believe me at the end of the day, all kids are same either boy or girl. People often say your life must be easy as you have a boy child, but, trust me guys every baby is different. Lots of my friends usually say and I also feel personally daughters are more caring and they look after their parents more than boys. I personally feel small things matter most for strong bond in relationships. For developing that bonding with your kids, you must go through below 7 points if you have a boy child. It will be more beneficial if a father reads below things twice.

  1. Train them for accepting a win and lose both
    After friends kids play with their parents most. So, always tell them it’s not important to win the match always. Explain them it’s ok to fall down in life but, most important is to get up and run again. They should accept their losses or you can say their weaknesses.
  2. Discipline is compulsory but love and affection should be a priority

    Sometimes as a parent, we are getting much cautious about our child’s behavior that turn us too strict for them. It’s essential to make your kid a responsible and good citizen, but never let them feel that we don’t love them.
  3. You have to be a role model for them
    I feel that a mostly mothers are role models for their daughters and fathers are role models for their sons. So if you have a baby behave properly in front of them, they examine your each and every activity.
  4. Male tricks and domestic works
    Teach them basic household works like repairing a vehicle , ironing clothes or fixing broken things. Also make them learn cook food also so that they should not die due to hunger.
  5. We teach them to respect women
    Train them the right point of view towards a woman. A father can easily teach this to his son, by showing his own example.
  6. Be their friend
    Things became easy if we talk to someone like friends. In parent child relationship, it is very necessary to develop a understanding that your kids never hide anything from you. Explain all types of feelings like love, fear, anger to them.
  7. Being physically tough is essential
    Father generally spent more time with kids in doing physical activities and outdoor games. Teach your kid to be physically tough and strong. With this most important thing is to tell them when to ignore provocation and when to pay attention.
  8. Earning money is part of life
    They should be taught that peace of mind is compulsory in life money should be always secondary.

Be with them from time to time and talk to him. Internet cannot teach them what you can in less time. Play with them and pay attention to them when they are unhappy. Listen to them seriously when they return from school. What you think? Do you agree with these points?




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