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10 Most popular ways to serve your nation if not in army

army2Most of us think about joining defense services, but only a few of us got selected.
We all are citizens of our country and we can help our nation to grow without joining military. Indirectly we all can serve our country by doing few special changes in our lifestyle. In fact, if we are doing our job with full devotion and honesty somehow we are contributing in our economy to grow. Raise your voice against every wrong deed.
Here is a list of things you can do to serve our nation and help in your nation’s growth.

  1. Pay Tax on time
    Money collected from the tax is used in the growth of the country. Contribute to society, trust me an honest living adds peace of mind to your life.
  2. Help Senior Citizens
    You need not to search senior citizens for helping, you must have some grandparents in your home or in your neighborhood. Spend some quality time with them and make their routine work easy for them.
  3. Do not waste natural resources
    You can serve your nation just by stop wasting natural resources. You can make some lifestyle changes like use public transport more often and reduce use of plastic in our daily life for the sake of the environment.
  4. Do not misuse electricity and water
    A huge part of the country’s treasury is spent in making electricity and water available to the citizens.
  5. Obey law and order
    army7.jpegIt does not take so much time to obey traffic rules. Avoid indulging in any activity which leads to violence in your life and society.
  6. Don’t destroy public property
    If you spit in public places, scratch on public transports and trees you are destroying public property. You can also act as a safeguard for country’s property and assets.
  7. Don’t encourage havoc on social networking sites
    It is really very easy to share any controversial post on social networking site, but you cannot imagine your contribution for provoking a havoc.
  8. Plant tree and make it easier to breathe
    bolly6.jpegYour contribution to environment always helps your future generation for living a healthy life.
  9. Stop discrimination
    Life become easier if we stop discriminating people on the basis of caste, money, appearance and religion. Live, love and laugh with people and spread happiness.
  10. Give support to cleanliness
    Last but most important point in this list. I personally support cleanliness because it impacts directly to our health and mind.

Please share your thoughts. Just comment no need to mention your email or phone number. Your reviews always encourage us to write more.
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