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Happy Mother’s day: Unique and best gifts for your mother, if you really love her

I believe only a mother deserves the best gift among all on this earth. I have no words to explain what a mother does throughout her lifetime for her kids. It’s time to make her feel special.mother7

I spent several hours at the online store, walked local market for a few hours thinking what will make her happy this mother’s day. Then I realized that these things will make her happy for a few minutes. Actually, there is a list of things which we can give her to make her happy for a long time.

  1. Health checkupmother3You decide what will make your mother more happy, a nice dress or your concern for her? I am very sure that a nice dress will not do that magic, which a health checkup card will. Despite of her age, if she is a mother, she needs a regular health checkup. Show your concern for her health.
  2. Some ‘ME time’mother4I asked to 20 mothers in my locality,” What you do in your spare time?” You won’t believe most of them said,” I don’t get time for me”. This time give her some ‘ME’ time when you don’t ask anything while she is taking a nap or watching her favorite TV show. A watch or some ‘ME’ time decision is up to you.
  3. Outing with friendsmother6A movie date or an outing with her friends.
    Being a mother, I know “a mother always miss the company of her baby”. This time make her feel like a kid. Make her remember her college time. Plan a surprise outing with her friends, for her. I am sure she will enjoy the company of her old friends more than a precious watch in her wrist, given by you.
  4. Jim/Club Membershipmother1Health is something which suits everyone. Help her with some morning tasks and let her do some exercise, dance, meditation in the morning. If she will spend few minutes daily for her health, it will make her day. So again the decision is up to you, what you want? To make her day on mother’s day or let her enjoy her day daily.
  5. Her Passionmother2My mother was getting a job as a professor in a girl’s college when I was just 2 years old. She rejected the offer as the college was in the village area. She opted to live in metro city for my good education and upbringing. When I was 15 I identified her interest towards reading literature. I suggested her to pursue her passion, now she a is motivational speaker.
    This was just an example, identify your mother’s passion and motivate her to do that.
  6. Gadgetsmother5I have seen many kids who often say to their parent,” give me that laptop or mobile phone, you don’t know how to operate it”.
    I personally feel shame and anger both for such kids. It was your mother who taught you alphabets, helped you in identifying numbers. What should be your responsibility now? Make her learn the usage of the latest gadgets. Okay, if she is not interested in the technical part, you can teach her what is essential in daily life.

I hope this list will help you to choose the right gift for your mother this mother’s day. Do you have something extra to be added to this list, then let it get added by writing it in the comment box.?


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