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13 Smart tips to ensure your safety if you are walking alone

save3We all talk about women security and safety, especially in the city like “DELHI”. We always blame the government for not taking proper steps for the women security and safety. But in most of the cases where women are victims, criminal is someone from close friends or relatives or any known person. The government can punish the criminal after the crime, but they cannot stop our relative or friends to meet us at our home or anywhere else.
So, now it’s time to do something for ourselves rather than blaming society, government and others to do something for us. Today we are here with some not to be missed things in our daily life for our security.

  1. Let your parents know your location when you are outside
    There are lots of apps available in store which make your location easily accessible for your dear ones. Either you take a cab or travelling through public transport you can send your location to anyone.
  2. Self defense training
    I believe it should me must for everyone, especially for girls. It improves your confidence as well as encourage you to face the fear.
  3. Share a few of your contacts with your parents if you live alone
    When I used to live in a hostel I always send my roommate’s contact number to my parents, so that in case my phone is not reachable they can contact her for asking about me.
  4. Be alert who is noticing you
    Use your sixth sense and be alert about people you see daily in your route. Most of the times attackers used to notice victims regularly, it helps them to make a plan.
  5. Must be in your bag
    Carry some self defense equipment in your bag every time you leave home. A pepper spray, safety pin, a pen does not seems too big, but it hurts too much if used forcefully.
  6. Be strong and skilled at the workplace
    Never let anyone take advantage of yourself. People always misunderstood women more emotional, so they try to take advantage of your emotions. So develop your own skills so well that nobody can ever ask you for any favor that could harm your dignity.
  7. Avoid drinks at parties if you don’t digest them properly
    I usually prefer not to drink alcohol in parties and gatherings where you doubt on anyone. Taking drinks from drinks counter is a safe option rather than taking it from someone’s hand.
  8. Don’t neglect suspicious people in public places
    If you find any suspicious activity from any random person in a public place, be alert. Never ignore it completely, you can contact local security guard for help.
  9. Don’t park vehicle at an isolated place
    If you are visiting any mall or cinema hall and using underground parking, avoid parking your vehicle at any isolated place.
  10. Never update your trip details on social network before trip every time
    I am sure this will not affect your trip, but will save you from difficult situations.
  11. Use your smartphone like a weapon
    save2Save any number as emergency number and call that just pressing a button in case of any situation. Install different security related apps available in the store.
  12. Ask for help
    If you feel anything which is not normal, ask for help to anyone in a public place or shout. If you don’t know what to do, just speak loudly so that other people notice you and it will distract criminal.
  13. Be courageous, never underestimate your ability
    Realize your potential, you have power and brain both. Use your sixth sense to judge the situation. Never afraid of anything in life, just act smart and be attentive all the time.

These are some steps you can take to ensure your safety and security outside your house. Share if you think this can help any of your friends or family.
Also, don’t forget to comment any new point in this list.
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