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How a whole day without my phone positively changed my life?

It’s 3:30 Am and suddenly I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was watch, then I started looking for my phone. Oh! I didn’t find that, this was 10 times more horrible than the dream I just saw. I searched everywhere, below my pillow, on my bed and everywhere else. I decided not to open lights because my baby was sleeping. I left thinking about my phone and decided to sleep again. I tried for another 20 minutes, but failed to sleep again, so I decided to do some meditation. After a few minutes of meditation I was feeling more relaxed and  I slept again.

headerHow my morning started
Every morning I open my eyes scrolling through new notification in my phone.  But this morning was a different my phone was missing somewhere. So I asked everyone in the family for my phone, and answer was same “I know mine only”. I was sure it is in the house itself, so I decided to forget about it for some time.
I rushed to newspaper for latest news and enjoyed sip of green tea with each page.

Breakfast without Phone
I realized after losing my phone that eating breakfast without scrolling my handset is really amazing and it tastes more delicious. Although I was missing my phone, but I thought maybe someone in the family is doing a prank, so I should show my patience level.
Till 5:30 evening
Everyday till 5:30 I used to visit my Facebook, Instagram more than twice and WhatsApp on every notification. I used to check my mails once every hour and at least two YouTube videos. But today I read a few pages of my favorite books. Spent some time in my kitchen garden and arranged my bookshelf which was pending from last two weeks.

At 8:00 Pm
I prepared dinner earlier today as no disturbance or calls were there. We ate it early and went to bed early. I narrated a story for my son and he also slept early because his mom’s phone was missing where he could watch few videos or rhymes.

I told you what I did the whole day, but most important part is now. When everyone was scrolling through their phone on bed I was craving for my phone. Then I screamed again Does anyone knows anything about my phone? No reply, I said okay and opened my wardrobe to take my night suit and wait …something is vibrating between clothes. I removed two layers and I got my lovely PHONE. Amazing my mom was calling me, I answered her call and told her the complete story. I realized it was placed by me wrongly inside the wardrobe with few ironed clothes came last evening.

Happy Lady
I got my phone and started doing all those things which I missed a whole day. Gone through all those notifications, chats etc. After spending 1 hour with my cell phone and wasting all that time I thought I was on time today and now late because of my phone or my mismanagement.

Friends I finally got my phone but need to share some most important things with you-

  • I felt more peaceful after losing my phone.
  • My day was more productive than any other day.
  • I have spent a ‘ME’ time, which was actually a “ME” time with me only without any social network interference.
  • I spent a quality time with my dear ones face to face.
  • Phones are not our enemy, it is our fault that we spent our quality time on phone and don’t manage our day properly.

So I would love to suggest everyone, try to lose your phone for a few hours a day and enjoy the real pleasure of life. Share your ideas in the comment box how you spent your day without a phone.
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