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10 Amazing facts that matters most for a long lasting friendship

frnd2Cheers to our wonderful friendship.
This blog is dedicated to all my lovely friends!
I am thankful to God that I am surrounded by such lovely people who became part of my life in a very short time span.
Team Widevisions met many people and asked the same question “What matters most to you in friendship?”
So we are presenting you a summary of all answers given by different people of different age and gender. Hope you will correlate to all of them.

  1. Selfless
    A selfless person always helps you in every situation. The word “I” become “WE” in true friendship. One of our colleagues shared his college days story when he and his friend used to answer teacher a “NO” if any one them missed to complete their assignments. Either they both submit assignments or none of them submit it.
  2. Crazy for friends
    “Crazy for friends” means always ready for friends in every situation. Such friends never let their friends alone in any phase of life. I am lucky enough that I have many such friends and all credit for our long lasting friendship goes to them.
  3. Secret
    Either you cry in front of them or you laugh badly, you do what you are actually like to do. You can share what you want to with your best friends and it will remain secret for your lifetime.
  4. Time and distance does not matter
    If distance does not affect your friendship, then it proves you both are best friends and your friendship is really strong and appreciable. If you can call her anytime a day and she manages to talk to you then you are the luckiest person in the world.
  5. Age is just a number
    Age does not matter for a strong friendship like a few of my best friends are 20+ years older than me, but it does not affect our bond. We laugh, walk and enjoy life with each other and forget about our worries. They are my mom and dad ๐Ÿ™‚ .
  6. Say sorry and thank you
    It is required for a long lasting friendship to apologize at the moment when you realized your mistake. Thank your friends for being with you in every situation, these two small words will improve your friendship.ย 
  7. Honesty
    One of our colleagues replied, “I want my friends to be honest for me always.” I realized after few minutes how essential it is to be honest for a true friendship.ย 
  8. Good listener
    frnd9She must listen my feeling either I sound stupid or most intelligent person on earth.ย 
  9. Care
    A caring friend is someone whom we always miss in our life especially if you have spent time with her in your hostel.
  10. Believe
    Not only for a strong friendship it is required for every strong relationship to believe in each other.

At last I am thanking all of my friends for being in my life.
Share this with your friends if you never want to let them go from your life and show your feelings.

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