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What happens if you read paper book rather than Pdf?

book4I am fond of reading books. This interest was started from very childhood and given by my mother. I remember when I was very young to read books, she started narrating stories to me from different color full books. As I grew up, she made me realized that I can read those wonderful stories myself. So from that day, I don’t remember a night when I slept without reading a few lines. Either it is a paperback or a Pdf (Portable document format) version, I have seen and experienced both very well.

Life is different for everyone so the choices. We change our interests and behavior, according to our need. Someone lying on the bed in a hospital will prefer a paperback and maybe the same person would like to read a Pdf in his office after recovery. I will discuss some pros and cons of reading by these two ways. Life is your so the choice is yours.



  1. Portable
    Compatible with almost every device like computer, tablets, smartphones etc.
  2. Easily available
    You can get Pdf of almost every book around the world which are not available in paperback.
  3. Convenient
    You can read PDF anywhere without natural light. 


  1. More radiation affects your eyes and health both.
  2. Can not read if your device is not charged properly.



  1. Emotional bonding
    I have felt that bonding for books I have read multiple times. I have a dedicated space for reading and storing books. I really feel bad if my books are not properly cared by others.
  2. Better health
    Books not only boost your vocabulary they also boost your physical and mental health. If you read a paperback you are saved from eye strains.
  3. Less distraction
    It happens with many of us that we are reading an important topic and suddenly a WhatsApp notification came, just because it’s a swipe away we go to check that and get distracted. 
  4. Best gift
    I have never seen someone sending a PDF book as a birthday present, but I have seen and received many wonderful life changing paperbacks as a gift.
  5. More interactive

    I love to highlight interesting lines and topics. I find underlining and marking on paperbacks more fun in comparison to PDF.
  6. Stays longer

    We easily delete PDF from our device because we know we can download it anytime, but in case of paperbacks we hardly destroy them. I used to share my books after reading them.
  7. Always benefit you

    You can resale your books anytime and it will give you some money always.


  1. Tough to carry
  2. Cannot read without proper light
  3. Expensive than Pdf

At the end it all depends on you and your lifestyle. Sometimes when we are at home, we find paperbacks more convenient while when we travel, we can easily read from different apps like Amazon kindle. Personally, I prefer to read from paperbacks.

Share this post with your friends and family and make them aware about the things we generally ignore.
Give your feedback and don’t forget to share your ideas in the comment section.


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