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Things Indians search most in Paris

Requirements forces you to search for things wherever you go. 
I have many friends who are either living in Paris or went there for spending some time. No doubt Paris is always in the hit list, for all the travel freaks. A huge population in India loves to travel from a long long ago.
There are many Indians who are living in Paris for a long time. So the local people have established a market and other things as per their requirements. They have small groups and community also for celebrating their festivals and celebrations.

  1. Indian cuisine

    Who doesn’t love food, they have eaten from childhood. It’s good to try different cuisines wherever you go, but after some time we really crave for food we are used to.
  2. English speaking people
    Most of the population in Paris speaks french. So whenever non speaking french Indians find it difficult to communicate. So they always look for people who can speak English.
  3. Indian Groceries
    Indians are used to eating pulses, rice, chapatis and spices which are hard to find everywhere in Paris. They have some specific market like “La Chapelle mini India in Paris” where you can get most of the Indian stuff.
  4. Items/materials used for worship
    Most families in India start their morning with doing worship in front of the idol of God and Goddess they put in their houses. Similarly, people who move to Paris for a long duration look for materials they require for worship.
  5. Kitchen tools
    One of my friends went there for spending few months in Paris. He was very much sure about cooking food by himself. Although he was carrying most of the tools and food items with him. But he forgot to take the rolling pin with him. After lots of hard work and spending a few days in different market he got a rolling pin. 
  6. Cheap and best shopping centers
    paris8No doubt Paris is costlier than India in many ways. People visit Paris for the first time always look for markets, which can help them for buying stuff in less money. 
  7. Indian nanny or English speaking nanny
    Again, same point, most Indians find themselves comfortable in speaking English. It is a bit hard to find suitable nannies in a different country for your small kids.

These were a few things which most of the Indians prefer to search in Paris.

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