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11 Essential skills which should be compulsory in school, but aren’t

“Knowledge is a very wonderful thing, but how relevant it is if never used in life.”
I have studied many subjects in my school, which I never ever used in my life. If I review all my subjects from class 1st, actually there are very less which I have really used practically. I used to learn the whole syllabus throughout the year and exams were done twice a year. Not only me in fact, all my classmates have done the same.
Most of the subjects I have studied gave me complete information about history, geography and trigonometry etc. In my view few things must be changed in our education system. It would be appreciable if below skills also be taught in schools in a more interactive way.

  1. Saving money is more important than earning itgame9Yes! It’s great that you have all the knowledge and qualification for earning money. Knowing well about managing your expenses is also a very important part of life.
  2. How to handle your emotions?edu9
    Anger, smile, love and hates all these emotions should be treated and handled well.
  3. Repair and management of your household itemsjob7
    Either we live alone or with family, but we all have some responsibility towards our family and house. Some knowledge also be given to all students for taking care of our household tasks.
  4. Taking care of your relationships in a family care and supportedu3
    Everyone is important in life, people we meet, we make friends or we just see, they all have some purpose in our life. I have seen many highly educated people, but they don’t even take care of their parents in old age.
  5. Manners and etiquettesedu4
    No need to explain how much essential they are in life.
  6. Failure managementedu10
    I come to know this word when I was preparing for job interviews after completion of my masters. Now, after all these years, I think this should be taught in school.
  7. Handle online transactionsmotheronline
    It is very essential part of life, we can’t carry cash after a limit. Nowadays there are a plenty of applications available to do online transactions. So no need to wait, learn any of them and start doing your essential work by yourself.
  8. Survival hacksedu6Whichever country we live, we can’t not say that we 100% secure from disaster. Basic survival hack should be taught to everyone, despite their subject.
  9. Travel planningedu2
    The trend is changing now, but solo travelling was never allowed to children before a certain age. Some kids get used to of this habit of travelling with parents that even after growing up, they avoid planning their journey.
  10. Fundamental rights and dutiesedu7
    Being a responsible citizen of a country we all should know what are our fundamental rights and duties.
  11. Rules and regulations of the country you live inedu8
    We all should know the road rules implied on us being a citizen of a country.

These were a few things which should be added in our curriculum for a better citizen.
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